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HD Extreme Tools LLC Your source for the best implements availablefor farms, arenas and construction. We get the job done


Many people have never used a Quick Hitch before and do not know how to adjust it for proper usage.  The following information is to help you in the proper usage of the Quick Hitch with your implements. Perform the following in order:

  1. Mount the Quick Hitch to the tractor’s 3 point system and ensure all 3 bars are securely attached to the Quick Hitch pins.
  2. Remove Top Hook from Quick Hitch.
  3. Pull up on Latch Handles to lock them in the open position.
  4. Mount tractor and back it up slowly to the implement that you want to use and lower the Quick Hitch so that the Bottom Hooks are under the Draw Pins of the implement.
  5. It is ok to use the Quick Hitch bottom hooks to gently push the implement so that it is squared up to the tractor and so that both hooks will engage.
  6. Raise the Quick Hitch so that the Bottom Hooks grab the implement and take the weight of the implement, but do not lift the implement off of the ground.
  7. Turn off the tractor.
  8. Push down on the Latch Handles to lock the implement to the Quick Hitch.
  9. Mount the Top Hook to the Quick Hitch ensuring that the Top Link Pin is not carrying any weight of the implement. It is ok if the Top Link Pin does not make contact with the bottom of the groove of the Top Hook. Ensure that both bolts have passed through the Top Bracket and the Top Hook. Finger tighten bolts only.
  10. Mark the bottom bolt hole you are using for this implement.
  11. Repeat steps 2-10 for each implement.
  12. Now use the lowest marked bolt hole and securely tighten the Top Hook to the Quick Hitch making sure that you use the lock washers. This should be in the range of 68-80 foot lbs.
  13. Go back to each implement and ensure that all 3 Hooks engage the implement properly.
  14. Congratulations you have successfully set up your Quick Hitch for all of your implements.



  • When adjusting the Top Hook on your Quick Hitch, do NOT have the Top Link Pin carrying weight!
  • The bottom pins or Draw Pins of the implement are designed to carry the weight of the implement and the Top Link Pin is designed to add stability or angle adjustment only. So if you have the Top Link Pin resting on the groove of the Top Hook, it is carrying weight and may bend or shear.
  • ALWAYS have the Draw Pins resting on the Bottom Hooks in the groove to prevent failure of your implements.
  • Always check that all bolts are tight and that your implements and tractor are in good working condition before use.



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