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Quick Hitch Adapter: What is this and do I need it?

What is this?

  • A Quick Hitch Adapter Bracket allows non-ASAE implements to be used with a Quick Hitch without modifying them.


Why do I need this?

  • Not all implements produced by companies are Quick Hitch compatible, all of ours are, but most China, India and others are not.
  • The Quick Hitch Adapter Bracket will bridge the gap from your Quick Hitch to your non-conforming implement so you can use your Quick Hitch with all of your implements.


How can I tell if I need this?

  • You have a Quick Hitch that will not engage the top link pin on your implement which is caused by:
    1. You do not have enough clearance for your Quick Hitch top hook to move up underneath the top link pin on the implement. Normally these non-conforming implements have one or both of these problems:
      1. There is a bolt directly below the top link pin that is in the way or
      2. The top link pin is too close to the mast head.
    2. Looking at the side of your implement, if cannot drop a string down from your top link pin and have it hit the bottom draw pins, then you need this.
  • You need a little extra length on your top link arm so you can connect up to an implement. In this instance you are using the Adapter as a top link arm extender not in conjunction with a Quick Hitch.


How do I use it?

  • There are two ways to install this:

    1. So You can stay on your tractor to attach implements:
      1. You put the implement Top Link Pin through the hole on the “leg” of the Adapter just as if it was the top link arm of the tractor. This will allow the Adapter to hang down from your implement with the clevis end open and towards your tractor.
      2. Then you put the wide bonnet Top Link Pin that came with the Adapter through one of the two holes in the opening end of the Adapter. This will allow you to back up the tractor and hook the adapter and the draw pins at the same time without getting off of your tractor.
      3. For this you would need one Adapter for each of your non-conforming implements.
    2. Less expensive, but you need to get off of your tractor:
      1. Remove the hook from your Quick Hitch.
      2. Attach the open end of the Adapter to your Quick Hitch, using the Top Link Pin with the wide bonnet that is attaching the Quick Hitch to the tractor. This will leave the “leg” of the Adapter hanging down from the Quick Hitch and once you back up and hook the draw pins of the non-conforming implement, you then put the implement top link pin through the leg.
      3. For this you only need one Adapter, but you will need to get off of your tractor each time to put the Top Link Pin in.
  • Due to the extra lateral stresses that could happen, a Top Link Pin with an extra wide bonnet is included and should always be used on the open part of the Adapter.



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