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HD Extreme Tools LLC Your source for the best implements availablefor farms, arenas and construction. We get the job done

How do I prevent Washboards


  • Washboards are the wavy bumps in a road or field that you get from improper grading or driving on. They are the bumps on the dirt road that vibrate you when driving.
  • “Scouring” or “Digging in” is when the tractor goes up the bump and normal implements dig in to the backside of the bump making it more pronounced.
  • “Depositing” is when the tractor starts going down the bump and lifts up normal implements depositing the load on the backside of the bump making it both more pronounced and wider.

How do I remove Washboards?

  • With a normal implement the only way to prevent this is to grade everything one way and then re-grade everything at a 90 degree angle to spread out the washboards. Keep repeating until they are removed.
  •  Buy a specialty grader implement to remove them. There are different types of these; some allow you to have an angle for runoff and others just grade it flat.
  • Have an implement from HDExtremeTools that has an Automatic self-adjusting float

How do I prevent Scouring or Depositing?

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