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HD Extreme Tools LLC Your source for the best implements availablefor farms, arenas and construction. We get the job done

Important Features That Every Backhoe Should Have

There are certain things you want in a backhoe to make your job easier and cause less fatigue. You should take the time to consider how much money you are saving by buying a cheap Backhoe verses one of ours that has everything you want for just a little bit more or even less money than some websites offering cheaply built backhoes. The K-2 series backhoe is a premium backhoe designed to give you many years of labor for a reasonable price, it has all the features that backhoe’s costing $10,000  or more have and we offer the best warranty available!

  1. Quality of build will lower your maintenance cost and you should look at these areas:
    • Is the metal thick enough to not crack? This can be answered by how much does it weigh, a good backhoe will weigh between 950-1050 lbs, ours weighs 990lbs. More than 1050 may damage your Cat 1 system.
    • Are stress points reinforced so that after years of digging the metal does not fatigue and ripple or crack?  All stress points on ours are reinforced with extra plates that look cool.
    • Does it have an USA or Italian hydraulic system? USA hydraulic systems are the best (depending on the manufacture) but they cost 2-3 times what Italian systems do and provide only a little more benefit. Other countries hydraulic systems are sub-par, don’t last as long, restrict flow and will make the Backhoe “choppy” and slow. So an Italian system like ours is the best choice for cost and performance and allows you to work smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Built in lift points are important, since at some time in the Backhoe’s life you will need to move it or work on it. Ours have built in lift points.
  3. A Curved Boom like ours allows you:
    • To dig closer to the tractor before you have to move which increases production and takes less time to complete the project,
    • To dig deeper holes up close without touching the end of the excavation hole which prevents dirt from falling back into the hole and protects the backhoe from damage,
    • The bucket to tuck in closer for transportation.
  4. Dual Swing Cylinders like ours allow more power and faster swing times.
  5. Cushioned Cylinders like ours provide a cushioned stop for over swings so things don’t get damaged.
  6. Independently operated Cushioned stabilizer legs are pretty standard now days and allow you to level your backhoe for digging. Every backhoe should have this.
  7. Locking boom, legs and swing for transportation saves time when moving and prevents damage caused by chains. We have these.
  8. Hardened bushings and grease-able pins like ours in all main pivot points ease maintenance while reducing wear and tear. Cheap backhoes have non-hardened bushings which means you have to incur costs and labor to replace more often.
  9. Cushioned adjustable flip up seat with drain hole so it is protected from the weather and the seat is not wet when you sit down. Yep got that also.
  10. Powder Coated and Durable black gloss finish. This is important since arguably powder coating is better that paint, but is more noticeable when you touch it up with paint. So you want some things powder coated and others painted.
  11. Yellow zinc dichromate plated wear parts last longer than chrome for wear.
  12. High luster multi dip chrome parts look great and last if they are not on high wear points.
  13. Fits all 3 point tractors like ours, provides you versatility and room to grow.
  14. Heavy Duty reinforced and ribbed buckets with replaceable teeth. Very important since teeth wear down and buckets can crack. You want heavy duty buckets! Nothing sucks like digging in hard ground and busting a tooth or cracking a bucket because you saved a few bucks.
  15. Many popular bucket sizes allow you to customize your dig for why you are digging. You don’t want to dig a 24” trench for a 2” pipe or have an 8” bucket for a 16” footer. We have the popular sizes available; 8, 12, 14, 16 & 24",
  16. Digging Depth is important since that is your limit on how far you can dig down and when you have to move your tractor. 6’ and 7’ are common with some 9’ on Cat 2. We give you a little more ability @ 7'2.

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