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HD Extreme Tools LLC Your source for the best implements availablefor farms, arenas and construction. We get the job done

Subsoiler / Middle Buster / Ripper

Due to the special financing we offered we underestimated our needed quantity and have sold out our entire inventory and have a wait list as we build more. Currently our wait list has just gone to the end of September. Please be aware that if you order this item, you will not receive it until after September. We will update you here if we are able to build any faster, but we will not sacrifice quality for quantity.


Sorry , we are not taking anymore orders on this until our welders get caught up

HDExtremeTools Subsoiler is strong enough to handle the hardest packed dirt and most obstructions you will find below the ground and is designed to do the job right the first time. No need to worry about busting a shear bolt (we don’t have any), our subsoiler is built to ASAE specifications for easy hook up to your tractor and way over built for strength and durability so your cat 1 tractor will lose traction before our implement gets damaged. This means you can use it as a ripper to break up not only your ground but also asphalt and some roots.


We use a clevis category 1 connection that is twice as strong as the standard draw pins for a secure connection to your tractor and it has an integrated storage stand that keeps the subsoiler upright for an easy tractor hook up. You can make it even easier by purchasing our Cat1 Quick Hitch so you do not even need to get off of your tractor to hook it up.


Quick Specs.:


  • Free shipping to your door!
  • 2 year warranty an industry first!
  • Made in the USA by local welders to ASAE specifications
  • Cat 1 Quick Hitch compatible
  • Extreme Duty Weighs: 114 lbs!
  • Digging Depth adjustable max: 24”
  • Fast interchangeable blades and shanks!
  • Middle Buster High Yield 12” Cutting width and 19 1/8 " Furrower width
  • Integrated fast use adjustable stand
  • Comes complete with everything included to use right away



3 Point Base:

  • Made in the USA
  • Extreme duty frame built to ASAE Cat 1 specs and beyond
  • Fully welded and sealed
  • Top Link and Draw pins are our new “R” pull pins with Lynch pins
  • Integrated fast use adjustable leg stand, so you don’t have to pick the implement up to attach it!
  • Draw Bar is heavy duty square tubing of 3-3/16” OD
  • Clevis bars are made out of ½” thick metal for Extreme Duty pulling
  • Wide Top Link clevis opening of 2-1/4”
  • Wide Draw Pin clevis opening of 3 1/8”
  • Shank Sleeve is a full 21.5” of supported thick walled metal with a welded top to seal it off
  • Back Stabilizers are 7/16” thick and 2” wide to ensure the base stays square and true
  • Caution stickers to remind you to call before digging and to watch out for underground obstructions
  • All wrapped up in durable and corrosion-resistant black powder gloss coat finish


Ripper Shank:

  • Made in the USA
  • Rigid and tough
  • Length: 29.25”
  • Thickness: 1”
  • Width: 3-15/16”
  • Adjustable: 3 holes give you 7” of depth choices
  • Universal Blade Support:
    • 3 hole tapped for fast one handed blade changes (no nuts or lock washers needed)
    • Standard universal bolt pattern for blades, so if need be you can attach almost anyone’s blade to it
    • Length: 7-1/8”
    • Thickness: 6/16”
    • Width: 2”
    • Cutting blade reveal: min. ¾”
  • Fully welded and sealed foot
  • Pipe layer locking tab built in for our pipe layer attachment


Subsoiler Blade:

  • Made in the USA
  • High carbon, heat treated wear resistant steel to last longer
  • Ground cutting edge for easier cutting
  • Both ends ground so you can flip blade and get double life usage
  • Deep Recessed bolt head to protect the bolts
  • 2-10.9 Hardened hex bolts for faster swap out (no nuts or lock washers needed)
  • Length: 8-3/4”
  • Thickness: 1/2”
  • Width: 2-15/16”


Plow or Middle Buster Blade:

  • Made in the USA
  • Heat treated to last longer
  • Ground cutting edge for easier and faster turnover
  • Recessed bolt head
  • Large center bolt for extra protection
  • 3-10.9 Hardened hex bolts
  • High Yield crop 12” Cutting width and 19 1/8 " Furrower width
  • 15” top to tip height


Legs or Stand:

  • Heavy duty 1-9/16 square tubing so they won’t bend
  • 3 different height adjustments and 1 locking up position when working
  • Sealed top and bottom
  • Nice looking round foot pad

Free shipping direct to your door!

NOTE: This product is wait listed, see Top of Page.


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