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HD Extreme Tools LLC Your source for the best implements availablefor farms, arenas and construction. We get the job done

Landscape Rake with Automatic Built in Float

Due to the special financing we offered we underestimated our needed quantity and have sold out our entire inventory and have a wait list as we build more. Currently our wait list has just gone to the end of September. Please be aware that if you order this item, you will not receive it until after September. We will update you here if we are able to build any faster, but we will not sacrifice quality for quantity.


Sorry , we are not taking anymore orders on this until our welders get caught up

HDExtremeTools Landscape Rake is the best Rake money can buy and with our 100% Guaranteed happiness and our 100% Complete Full Lifetime Warranty policies you can be assured that this generational Rake will give you a lifetime of use and then some. HDExtremeTools Landscape Rake is very versatile and can be used in yard or estate maintenance to rake up leaves and sticks, grade loose ground in preparation of seeding, remove small to medium top rocks, spread dirt, etc. and with our 360 degree rotation and automatic float you never have to worry about digging in over washboards and bumps and you can even remove washboards and make harrows.


You will not find a better Rake!


Quick Specs.:

  • 100% Complete Full Lifetime Warranty including wear parts, an industry first!
  • Made in the USA by local welders to ASAE specifications
  • HDExtremeTools unique Automatic self-adjusting float
  • Cat 1 Quick Hitch compatible
  • Extreme Duty construction
  • 5’ or 6’ rake with spring steel tines
  • 360 degrees of rake rotation
  • Integrated fast use stand
  • Hardened bolts and fittings
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant thick black powder gloss coat finish
  • Comes complete with everything included to use right away




  • Our new 100% Complete Full Lifetime Warranty includes wear parts, an industry first! No other company stands behind their products like we do. We are so sure of our Landscape rake and tines that we are the only company to offer this type of warranty. Our warranty will save you over $800 during the lifetime of the Rake.
  • Made in the USA by local welders to ASAE specifications for Hitch dimensions and exceeds ASAE specifications on strength and durability to last a lifetime
  • This is our first in a series of Generational Products, buy it once and never have to buy it again!
  • Caution stickers to remind you to be careful
  • Fully welded seams not the cheaper stitch welding as seen on others
  • Fully sealed and welded ends to prevent rust and build up inside of unit
  • All wrapped up in durable and corrosion-resistant thick black powder gloss coat finish


Mast Head

  • HDExtremeTools unique Automatic self-adjusting float to remove digging in when going over bumps and to help smooth out washboards when grading. This will also save your grass when raking up debris when used with our wheel kit
  • Extra wide and thick mast head for demanding use with both HDExtremeTools Automatic self-adjusting float and ASAE Cat 1 compatible Top Link pin
  • Grade 8 Main mast bolt and nylon lock nut, both rated over 150K psi, no fear of breaking this key part!
  • Heavy Duty clevis base and mast head tie back bar, both 7/16” thick metal
  • Heavy walled DOM Chromium-Molybdenum steel spacers


3 Point Base:

  • Extra wide Extreme duty Square fully sealed Hitch bar built to ASAE Cat 1 specs and beyond
  • Clevis type opening with our R pin which is 2x stronger than just a regular Cat 1 pin
  • Our Heavy Duty Top Link pull pin with handle and oversized head can be used for both the Cat1 ASAE top link pin or the HDExtremeTools Automatic self-adjusting float and comes with a set of sacrificial washers
  • Re-enforced Wide Draw Pin clevis openings for easy hook up using our Quick Hitch
  • Thick side Stabilizers to ensure the base stays square and true
  • Will also be compatible with our Grader Blade when it comes out


Tine Bar:

  • Length: 5’ or 6’
  • Even if you have a 4’ tractor, you want a 5’ wide rake so that when you angle the rake during use it still rakes up more than the 4’ width of your tractor
  • Tine Bar Draw arm is made of heavy wall extra wide square tubing with side reinforcement wings to prevent lateral twist and reduce stresses during demanding usage
  • 360 degrees of rake rotation so you can adjust it to how you want and not have to “back” swing it to change from left to right harrowing
  • Oversized welded in main bolt with a huge locknut and large handles so you can re-tension the Tine bar without tools or having to take off your gloves
  • Main bolt has a re-enforced top plate to prevent gouging and scoring over the years
  • Top plate is re-enforced with thick side wings at 90 deg. to prevent lateral twist and reduce stresses during demanding usage
  • R-handle swing pull pin for easy adjustment of rake angle and to lock it in the re-enforced slot
  • Tine Bar is made out of high grade USA steel that is 3 5/8 wide and extra thick 3/8 angle bar
  • Tines are spaced or gaped at 1”
  • Tines per foot: 6
  • 1 Tine mounting plate for each 6 tines which allows for easy replacement of tines when needed
  • Extra wide Tine mounting plate to provide extra support for tines during high stress times and vibration
  • Hardened bolts and nylon insert lock nut to ensure long lasting tightness of tines during vibration



  • Made in the USA out of spring steel
  • Width: 1”
  • Thickness: 3/8”
  • Length: 15.75”
  • Height: 15 3/8
  • This asymmetrical height vs length sets up the proper vibration in the tines to help sift and rake


Leg or Stand:

  • Integrated fast use adjustable leg stand, so you don’t have to pick the implement up to attach it!
  • Heavy duty square tubing so it won’t bend
  • locking down or flip up position when working
  • Sealed top and bottom
  • Nice looking round foot pad

We highly recommend our Universal Wheel Kit (which you can buy as a package deal and save $200) since it is required for your Automatic Float to work properly, but you can use our Rake without the wheels and add them later if when you need them.


You must choose a shipping option. Our Rakes are very heavy since they are overbuilt and come in a metal frame skid, so we offer you deeply discounted shipping from UPS Freight which will save you a minimum of $120.


We have 2 shipping options for you, West if you live west of the Mississippi and East if you live east of the Mississippi. Simple straight forward shipping!

Special savings on our Quick Hitch if you order at the same time.


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  • Ben (Thursday, February 15 18 07:25 pm EST)

    I'm interested, but how does the rake float? Is that via the slot for the top hitch pin? Our farm is rolling, so it's hard to imagine a rake working very well without float...

Hi Ben, Yes the slot on the top of the mast head allows the rake to float over the bumps in the field and helps so that when you go up a hill it does not dig in and when you start to go down a hill it does not deposit raked up stuff at the edge. If you want to use the rake for grading then just use the standard pin hole on the mast. This way you get two products for the price of one!

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