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HD Extreme Tools LLC Your source for the best implements availablefor farms, arenas and construction. We get the job done

How to setup wheel kits

How to properly set up the wheel kits for landscaping


The goal is to have all the rocks, debris and extra soil move into a windrow and prevent the wash board effect that is caused by the tractor going up and down and making the implement dig into the soil and deposit more soil during this unwanted action. An HDExtremeTools wheel kit is a must for landscapers, golf courses and beach cleaning work or any property owner who needs to maintain their grounds.

  • Landscaping Rake:
    • This is accomplished by having the rake at an angle to the tractor and the wheels adjusted so that the tines will vibrate without digging into the soil too much and allow the cleaned soil to pass between the rake teeth. To accomplish this you want the wheel closest to the tractor set just off the ground, this will allow the tines at this end to penetrate a little more into the soil. The wheel farthest from the tractor should raise the rake so it is just barely touching the ground. The difference in the wheel height only needs to be about an inch or more if the soil is really soft and you want to screen more material. This setup allows the end of the rake closest to the tractor to dig a little deeper than the end further from the tractor. This increases the vibrating action of the rake teeth improving the rakes screening action as the material moves down the front of the rake and into the windrow. The resulting screening action from a properly adjusted landscape rake produces an ideal finished surface ready for seeding or sod.
  • Grading Blade:
    • This is accomplished by having the Blade at an angle to the tractor and the wheels adjusted so that they are either level or set to your angle of grade. This will allow the material to move down the front of the blade and into the windrow giving you the smooth grade you desire. Just remember that if you want a grade for drainage, then you will need to lift the Blade and back up for the next run. If you just turn around then you will be creating a “V” valley for the water to drain into not a slope.
  • Box Scraper:
    • You can set it up just like the Grading Blade, but without the angle to the tractor since you will not get a windrow due to the box keeping the extra dirt.


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